Changes to Roland Garros Ranking Points


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Somewhere between the cracks of the news coverage for Roland Garros, this one little tidbit seems to have fallen through: The ranking points for the WTA have increased. From a big picture perspective, this may seem like a minor change, but from a Grand Slam perspective, this change can make a significant difference, particularly with the top 20 rankings.

Roland Garros Points Distribution Comparison
Rounds 2014 Points WTA 2014 Points ATP 2013 Points (ATP & WTA)
R128 (1st r) 10 10 10
R64 (2nd r) 70 45 45
R32 (3rd r) 130 90 90
R16 (4th r) 240 180 180
QF 430 360 360
SF 780 720 720
R-Up 1300 1200 1200
Winner 2000 2000 2000



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